The Global Pathways Study



The Global Pathways Studies (GPS) is a longitudinal research initiative exploring college student development in a holistic way. GPS seeks to illuminate the interconnected psycho-social, experiential, intercultural competence-related, and identify variables that shape how emerging adults grow and change during through their college years.


We collect data at several points:


Baseline. data collected in late summer  before students arrive on campus.


Follow-Up. in the spring of their first, second, third, and fourth year.


Long-Term Follow-Up. a year after graduation and five years after graduation.

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What are the benefits of participating in GPS?


To the field. The GPS will offer a comprehensive look at the developmental processes of college students within a variety of institutional contexts and help us isolate the "mechanisms of action" that shape emerging adults.


To your institution. Your college or university will have free access to data on your institution across its years of participation. You will also receive an annual report on participating institutions' norms and profiles to compare to your own.


To your students. Results from the GPS study will enable you to assess your students' growth and change across their tenure at your institution.