Janelle S. Peifer is an assistant professor of psychology at Agnes Scott College. She earned her Ph.D. in Clinical and School Psychology at the University of Virginia and is an alumna of Wake Forest University. Her research examines: 1) college student development with an identity and intercultural competence focus and 2) a family-based clinical intervention focused on postpartum wellness. Peifer’s clinical and applied interests include identity formation, trauma/resilience, and the impact and value of higher education.


What's Dr. Peifer up to these days?

Beyond the Birth Plan Group

SATURDAYS // 2.00-3.00P

APRIL 6TH - MAY 18TH, 2019


join us for a free group tailored to the needs of mothers + their partners as they navigate pregnancy + prepare to transition to life after birth

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New Family Wellness Project

Are you pregnant or a new parent with a child less than six months old in a committed relationship? Consider joining the New Family Wellness Project (NFWP)- a research study focused on postpartum mental health for families. Participants receive free, in-home therapy and $300 worth of participant incentives.



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Beyond the Birth Plan Gathering

We seek to bridge a gap in the Decatur and greater Atlanta new parenting communities. While many events focus on pregnancy and birth, far fewer lay the groundwork for families to intentionally cultivate the variety of support and resources they’ll need to thrive as new parents. We believe that the birth plan is just the first step in the profound process of preparing to transition into parenthood. The Gathering promotes real, educational, engaged dialogue about key issues for new parents--not sales pitches.



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